Flexible cross-platform
video system for
live and on-demand

Streaming soccer for the Norwegian and Swedish Leagues

Monitoring load, wellness and injuries of athletes

Streaming soccer at Telia Parken for FCK

--- Products ---


Forzify is a live and on-demand video management system supporting OTT streaming, search, sharing, recommendations, event creation, video playlists, etc. It is a cross-platform solution with backend servers running either in the cloud or on in-house machines.
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pmSys is a performance monitoring system for athletes. The system monitors athletes' training load (RPE – rating of perceived exertion), general wellness and injuries through a subjective questionnaire submitted through an app on the mobile phone. Additionally, there is a trainer web portal where the trainers may visualise the team and/or individual player data, and the system reports basic trends based on the data.
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Forzify Live-Cam

Forzify Live-Cam is a soccer analysis application for immediate video feedback. It integrates analytic annotations on a phone with video processing of networked panorama camera. A coach may then "mark" an event live on the pitch using a mobile app and immediately play the video from the cameras out on for example a phone, a big screen or a TV. It generates a panorama video covering the entire field. The coaches may then get a full overview of their team, or they may extract multiple virtual views (smaller pan-tilt-zoom videos) of selected areas.
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--- Testimonials ---

Thomas Torjusen
Head of Media, Norwegian Top Football
We are using Forzify in the Connected League system in Norway as an effective, low-latency integrated metadata and video solution for real time publishing. The events occur both in linear TV publishing and as streaming clips and replays with synced metadata faster than in any other solution we have seen. Forzify is generating statistics with associated event video in an efficient and rapid workflow. During our cooperation, Forzasys has continuously improved their metadata production and streaming solutions receiving data from multiple sources and delivering data to multiple other systems. The WEB-based user interface and control panels makes the platform flexible and efficient to setup and operate.
I have used Forzasys technology both for elite club teams and the Norwegian national team. The pmSys player monitoring system gives a nice overview of the team's and the individual players’ progress and current state, and the Forzasys live cam (Bagadus) gives immediate tagging and video annotations for live visual feedback. Both systems play an important role in our daily operations.
Per-Mathias Høgmo
Sports director, Fredrikstad Football Club
Jon Ola Bergaplass
Chief Technology Architect, Swedish Professional Football Leagues
We are using Forzify as one of our key components in our Sport Media Centre. Forzasys has shown great insight in data processing and the sport of football. The tagging with low-latency integrated metadata and a video solution for fan engagement in our apps is great. Forzasys has great flexibility and strive hard to deliver under tight deadlines with complex requirements. The WEB-based user interface and control panels is great and makes Forzify Tagging PLUSS a great tool for us ; easy to mount and operate for live events.