FORZIFY - one system to rule them all

Forzify™ is a complete live and on-demand video management system supporting OTT streaming. It is a cross-platform solution with backend servers, like database systems for metadata, webservers and search engines, running either in the cloud or on in-house machines. In addition to traditional streaming and video delivery, Forzify can be used as an searchable archive and enables the users to

in a social experience. Thus, search for your favourite happenings and let the system recommend the most played and "liked" events - in the order you want.

Forzify comes with iOS and Android apps. Here, you have the same functionality as described above, and social sharing is only a click away. The app also supports video recording of short videos to be used and combined with all other types of contents (e.g., supporters may record themselves in the stadium and share with friends).

Forzify allows teams, clubs and leagues to make content available through video-embedding in webpages and blogs, also provides video widgets changing content in regular time intervals. Underlying searches can also be used in various statistics, like top scorer pages, player profile pages, league tables, etc., and present video for the counted events.

Forzify also solves the problem of leaking content. It allows you to share data on social media without loosing control (and revenue). You control your own distribution pipeline, but keep the same customer reach. In other words, you can count your own number of views.  Thus, use Forzify to make your own enterprise YouTube or video Spotify.

Add Ons


Forzify tagging

Forzify tagging supports that users create events by tagging directly on the video stream. Forzify tagging also comes with an own professional tagging interface where a user can follow multiple concurrent streams, e.g., a media center or broadcasting company can make events and highlights directly with a single push of a button. The tagged event immediately becomes a searchable video clip where the event is extracted on the fly from the OTT segments. The current tagging interface is developed in collaboration with NTF, and the video below shows the system in use by SEF for Allsvenskan and Superettan.

As can be observed in the above video, the tagging operation can be performed in two stages or levels. At the first level, one person can monitor one or four simultaneous games, where he has buttons for each team, and an event it generated pressing the event type for a team (and optionally player) and press publish. The system then automatically generated a clip which is immediately published. Then, a second level operator will fine-tune the events with additional metadata, exact timestamps and quality assurance. By dividing this into two steps, we allow the first operator to focus on multiple matches in parallel, while at the same time ensuring high levels of details in the final event without errors. The second level operator can also perform rudimentary editing of the resulting video clip, by adjusting clip start/stop, custom description and a relevant thumbnail.

To further save manual labour and reduce time to publish an event, we may add AI-based operations for detection and clipping of events, and automated selection of thumbnails. These components will further reduce the manual labour and the time to produce events and highlights.

Forzify live streaming

Forzify can receive a live stream​ from broadcasters. However, Forzify also supports live streams from network connected cameras or from mobile apps, using Forzify as backend with the same possibilities to stream and share video events. More or less any device that streams RTMP would work, where Forzify can receive the video in the cloud, encode into approproate formats, and stream live to all supported devices.  For example, apps using iOS or Android phones' internal camera functionality can be connected to our cloud-based server allowing (instant) live streams from interviews, locker-room sit-raps, press conferences, fan-clips, etc. Furthermore, fixed mounted cameras covering the field for camera man-free productions where cameras can be scheduled for recordings.  Such fixed cameras can also be connected to our soccer analytics application for immediate video feedback during a training session or a game.

Forzify inserted content

The "inserted content" package of Forzify provides a type of advertisement service where content, be it ads or other content, can be inserted into the video stream on a OTT segment granularity. It is meant as a plug-in to Forzify, and the service targets personalized advertisements where in-lined video advertisements can be combined wherever required in the video content being distributed. This next generation advertisement service builds on advanced backend analytics and customizes advertisements to individual user preferences. This happens fully transparent, in real-time, and can be customized down to the individual users preferences.