FORZIFY - one system to rule them all

Forzify™ is a complete live and on-demand video management system supporting OTT streaming. It is a cross-platform solution with backend servers, like database systems for metadata, webservers and search engines, running either in the cloud or on in-house machines. In addition to traditional streaming and video delivery, Forzify can be used as an searchable archive and enables the users to for example 

Your fans can search for their favourite happenings and let the system recommend the most played and "liked" events - in the order they want. Forzify allows teams, clubs and leagues to make content available through video-embedding in webpages and blogs, also provides video widgets changing content in regular time intervals. Underlying searches can also be used in various statistics, like top scorer pages, player profile pages, league tables, etc., and present video for the counted events. All giving you a unique way of reaching out and connecting to the supporters!

Forzify also solves the problem of leaking content and loosing users. It allows you to share data on social media without loosing control (and revenue). You control your own distribution pipeline, but keep the same customer reach. In other words, you can count your own number of views. Thus, use Forzify to make your own enterprise YouTube or video Spotify - allowing you to make a new digital market place.

To further save manual labour and reduce time to publish an event, we may add AI-based operations for detection and clipping of events, and automated selection of thumbnails. These components will further reduce the manual labour and the time to produce events and highlights. 

Forzify contains several components that can be used separatey or combined to a complete, all-in-one end-to-end system. See below for more information about each of them. 





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