Forzify - make your own enterprise YouTube or video Spotify

Forzify™ is a complete live and on-demand video management system supporting OTT streaming. It is a cross-platform solution with backend servers running either in the cloud or on in-house machines. In addition to traditional streaming and video delivery, Forzify enables the users to
  • see highlights and summaries of videos
  • share and discuss sport events as video playlists
  • create own events
  • get recommendations from friends
  • collect and redistribute favourite clips
in a social experience. Thus, search for your favourite happenings, see compositions made by friends, and let the system recommend the most played and "liked" events from the previous week - in the order you want...
Forzify comes with iOS and Android apps. Here, you have the same functionality as described above, and social sharing is only a click away. The app also supports video recording of short videos to be used and combined with all other types of contents (e.g., supporters may record themselves in the stadium and share with friends).
Forzify also solves the problem of leaking content. It allows you to share data on social media without loosing control (and revenue). You control your own distribution pipeline, but keep the same customer reach.
Thus, use Forzify to make your own enterprise YouTube or video Spotify.

Optional Forzify packages

Forzify ads

The ads package of Forzify provides an advertisement service. It is meant as a plug-in to Forzify, but can also be used as a separate component. Our service targets personalized advertisements where in-lined video advertisements can be combined wherever required in the video content being distributed. This next generation advertisement service builds on advanced backend analytics and customizes advertisements to individual user preferences. This happens fully transparent, in real-time, and can be customized down to the individual users preferences.

Forzify tagging plus

Forzify supports that users create events by tagging directly on the video stream, giving a searchable event where the event is extracted on the fly from the OTT segments. In addition, the Forzify tagging plus component allows users, like a media center or broadcasting company, to make events and highlights directly on the live stream, making the events immediately searchable and streamable.

Current users


Eliteserien is the premier soccer league in Norway. Visit the Forzify-site here!


Allsvenskan is the premier soccer league in Sweden. Visit the Forzify-site here!


Superettan is the second level soccer league in Sweden. Visit the Forzify-site here!